The Landice E8 Elliptimill Residential Model

The ultra-modern Landice E8 Elliptimill is a quiet, high performance, and totally fun, center-drive elliptical that offers the running functionality of a treadmill. It is a residential model with the same features as the company’s E9 commercial trainer.

What You Get

The Landice E8 Elliptimill comes with one of three different consoles: the Executive, Cardio Trainer, or the Pro Trainer. Each console features a metabolic equivalent speed and distance display, which interprets your calorie burn rate by calculating an equivalent speed (mph) you would be running outside to burn the same amount of calories. No other manufacturer has this type of accurate miles per hour feedback on their elliptical programming.

The specs on the Landice E8 base unit are:

Landice E8 Elliptimill
  • 17" - 23" Adjustable stride length
  • Rollmentum™ Center-Drive System
  • AccuTrack contact HR sensors & wireless chest strap
  • Orthopedic gel foot pedal inserts
  • 2" pedal spacing
  • Step-up height – 6 inches
  • Unit weight/footprint: 500 lbs/ 36" x 84"
  • 500-lb. user weight capacity
  • Warranty – lifetime frame & parts; 1-year labor

The 3 Consoles on the Landice E8 Elliptimill are:

The Landice E8 Pro Trainer (MSRP $2,999) displays all relevant workout stats, 5 programs that each have variable time and 20 effort levels, 2 user-defined programs, and the metabolic equivalent speed and distance display.

UPDATE:  The Landice E8 is no longer available, replaced by the only remaining elliptical from the company, the E7 model. You can check it out here: Landice E7 Elliptical Trainer

The Landice E8 Cardio Trainer (MSRP $3,399) display includes all of the features of the Pro Trainer Elliptimill above, plus a numeric keypad for data entry, goal programs for time, distance, and calories, 3 fitness tests (Balke, Firefighter, and Army), 2 user-defined programs, and 2 HR programs.

The Landice E8 Executive Trainer offers elite programming and a video screen on its control panel, for an MSRP of $3,899. This Elliptimill features an 8.5" computer-animated video display with state-of-the-art graphics, interactive Race Mode, 31 interactive programs including those of the Cardio Trainer above, plus 6 fitness tests (Balke, USAF, Army, Navy, USMC, & Firefighter), time, distance, calorie & HR programs, and more.

The Word on the Street

The Landice E8 Elliptimill comes with an industry-best warranty: lifetime coverage on wearable parts. Not that you will need it as the residential model is made with the same tested and proven commercial grade components found in the health club model. A further peek at the unit shows the quality of the commercial parts used, including a Rollmentum™ Center-Drive System that features self-aligning pedal guide rollers which are concave for maximum bearing life, manually adjustable stride length between 17 and 23 inches, an 11" diameter high-inertia flywheel, 11-gauge steel construction, and 1100-watt electric brake.

The only issues elliptical reviews seem to have with the Landice E8 is its large footprint. Sure it’s big – have you seen ellipticals lately? – but the comfort and smooth quiet workout are exceptional and worth the space required. Experts expect the E8 Elliptimill to have few if any mechanical or customer service problems based on Landice’s reputation. The company has consistently ranked #1 in past years for customer satisfaction by Runner’s World and other leading consumer magazines. Just as they have dominated the high-end treadmill market for decades, experts feel they have set the bar higher in the elliptical market with the debut of the Landice E8 Elliptimill.

Our Thoughts

The elliptimill is the next generation of ellipticals incorporating aspects of treadmill running and Stairmaster climbing with a low-impact elliptical motion. In fact, it’s hardly fair to evaluate the Landice E8 along side any traditional elliptical in this price range, since this machine is more comparable to the step-walk-run cardio workout of a Cybex Arc Trainer, or the Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer). We strongly recommend you personally try an Elliptimill before you buy since it maybe too different for some people. Nevertheless, for its outstanding quality and engineering, the Landice E8 Elliptimill rates a Good Buy.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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