The Octane xR3 Elliptical for Superior Lower Body Workouts

The Octane xR3 elliptical is the entry-level trainer of the leg press X-Ride series and the only model without moving handlebars. This means that the xR3 is geared more towards lower body conditioning, closer in design to a recumbent bike and eliminates the upper body workout that now comes with most elliptical machines.

What You Get

You have a choice between the Octane xR3ci elliptical that comes with 12 programs or the xR3c with 8 programs. With the basic program set you get manual, random, custom interval, beginner, and 4 goal programs (350 calories, 750 calories, 10K, and ½ marathon).

The extra programs on the xR3ci include 4 heart rate-controlled workouts to be used with the wireless heart rate monitor.

The specs are:

Octane xR3 Elliptical Trainer
  • Multiple Seat Adjustments
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors
  • Polar® wireless HR monitor (xR3ci model)
  • Oversized Pedals
  • Pedals forward or backwards
  • 300 lbs max User Weight Capacity
  • Weight / Dimensions: 161 lbs / 24" x 53"
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and 1-yr labor

The Word on the Street

UPDATE:  The XR3 from Octane is no longer available.  Take a look at the XR4 model review.

The Octane xR3 elliptical is designed to be an effective leg-blasting workout machine. You can opt for a recumbent bike, but the X-Ride provides a far superior workout. In a study conducted by the St. Cloud State University Human Performance Lab, the X-Ride was compared to a recumbent bike ridden by users at the same perceived exertion rate and found to have recruited up to 343% more glute activity, and burned 23% more in calories thanks to its PowerStroke™ technology.

Because the power stroke phase of an X-Ride is 54% longer than the pedaling motion of a recumbent bike, you achieve more range of motion and get a superior lower body workout. Octane’s patented Muscle Endurance and Leg Press feature means that you get the most advanced seated cardio trainer on the market today.

Other features of the Octane xR3 elliptical include a compact footprint, an informative electronic console, forward and reverse pedaling motion, an ergonomically designed mesh seat back for added comfort and back support, Active Seat Position™ with seat adjustments with 5 tilt adjustments and 15 height settings, and a 300-lb user weight capacity.

The xR3 or the xR4? What’s the difference? The 3 is the “lower body only” version of the xR6 and the xR4. The 4 has the Total Body feature including a chess press (the moving handlebars), a contour seatback, and a larger frame.

For the huge price increase, most people will be happy with the 3 since they can save $300 or more over buying the 4 that offers the handlebars and a larger frame.

Our Thoughts

The Octane xR3 elliptical is $2,199 for the basic model or $2,499 if you opt for the HeartLogic™ Intelligence and heart rate programming on the xR3ci.

With either one, you are making a choice for a quality recumbent elliptical manufactured by Octane Fitness, the number one maker of premium ellipticals. Reviews by current owners of X-Ride machines have shown that 97% of them would buy an Octane Fitness machine again.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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