Pacemaster Silver XT Elliptical Consumer Review

by Ernie
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

We bought the Pacemaster Silver XT elliptical locally from a popular internet site. It's a beauty, and I spent a lot of time doing research on what features were prevalent in the top end ellipticals. After hours of reading reviews it became apparent that ergonomics, stride length, braking system and company reputation were all important factors to consider when buying a new or gently used machine.

We (my wife and I) tried a few machines before we found the Pacemaster Silver XT. This well made unit not only had all the features, but easily outshone many of the top end units other competitors offered for sale. The Pacemaster is super smooth, quiet, solidly built and has by far one of the best consoles you will ever find on an elliptical trainer. Pacemaster has been around a long time making very reliable treadmills with very similar if not indentical consoles to that of the Pacemaster. Explanation of all the features of the Pacemaster console would take another page to write!

I don't make a habit of throwing hard earned dollars out the window so believe me when I say that this unit (used, by the way) was a great buy at $1100.00. It is Precor quality at Horizon Fitness prices. My wife and 3 daughters use this machine daily so it gets little rest....and that perhaps is the most telling complement we can give the Pacemaster Silver XT. If you can find one, snap it up, because you won't be sorry.

PS: Do ya think we like this machine?

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are on! 


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