The Precor AMT 733 is an Impressive Adaptive Motion Trainer

The AMT 733 is the new entry level elliptical hybrid in Precor's popular Adaptive Motion Trainer series.  It replaces the 813, and offers on the go stride adjustability up to 36" and one of the smoothest, most natural motions you'll find on a residential machine.

What You Get

The AMT 733 is built strong in light gray and dark gray tones with a large LED display and both stationary and movable workout arms.

Let's take a look at some of the specs...

Precor AMT 733 Adaptive Motion Trainer
  • Adaptive Stride technology
  • 0 to 36" stride length
  • Dual action handles
  • Bio-mechanically ideal for all users
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 6 workout programs
  • Max user weight: 350 lbs.
  • Transport wheels
  • Foot pedals with toe caps
  • Touch and Wireless heart rate monitor 
  • Lifetime warranty frame and welds, 10 year parts

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The Word on the Street

The new Precor AMT 733 shares the same exact specs as the previous 813 model, so we're not sure why the company made the name change. The only difference we see is that the 733 does not have the light blue accents that the 833 had.

At any rate, the change was made for 2016/2017, and the 733 became the new entry level model, if you can even call it that at $8,000+.

Regardless, the Adaptive Motion Trainers are some of the best machines on the market for residential use, and reviews have always been positive.

The most appealing feature of these Precor ellipticals is of course the "adaptive motion", allowing you to change your stride all the way up to 36" without having to push a button to do so.  You simply change your stride, and the machine adapts to those changes.

This allows you to target different muscle groups, essentially choosing whether you want a stepper, an elliptical or a treadmill workout.  The neat thing is that there is a Stride Dial which shows you exactly which leg muscles you are targeting.

When you're on the AMT 733 you feel like you are at the gym.  The motion is extremely smooth and natural regardless of your size, and that's due to all of the in-depth research Precor puts into their cardio machines.  They are biomechanically ideal for all users.

You're not getting a lot of bells and whistles with this's more about the workout, and at the end of the day that's more important than anything else.  So you don't have a touch screen (you'll have to bump up to the AMT 885 for that), many built-in workouts or workout tracking capability as you do on some of their traditional ellipticals.

But you do get a solid workout that allows you to target more muscle groups than on a regular elliptical, with a smooth, natural stride that is unrivaled.  The up-level AMT 835 also has Open Stride technology, which allows you to adjust the height in addition to the length, so check that one out as well.

For those well-heeled users, the AMT 733 Adaptive Motion Trainer is one of the best elliptical hybrids you can buy for your home gym.

Our Thoughts on the Precor AMT 733

Although it's not much different than the 813, the new AMT 733 is a welcome addition to the Adaptive Motion Trainer lineup.  It gives you more freedom to decide what kind of workout you want and what muscles you want to hone in on.

Although the price tag is quite hefty, if you're looking for a commercial quality elliptical that you can have in your home for years and years, this is a very good choice and will serve you quite well.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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