The Quantum Q-210C Elliptical Trainer – Smooth, Quiet Performance

The first thing you notice about the Quantum Q-210C elliptical trainer is that is doesn’t look like most other ellipticals you’ve seen before. We did a double take -- thinking is was an Arc Trainer -- but what it is, is a massive center-drive elliptical.

What You Get

On its over-sized, tri-color, dot matrix display, you’ll find the read-outs of: Time, Distance, Strides per Minute, Calories, Calories per Minute, Watts, Resistance, Heart Rate, Percent of Maximum Heart Rate, HR Zone, and Target Zone. Workout programs include: manual, random, hill, interval, 5K, and weight loss. The heart rate programs are: fat burn, cardio, and interval. The Quantum Q-210C elliptical trainer’s full list of specs includes:

Quantum Q-210C Elliptical Trainer
  • 30 levels of resistance
  • 14 Workout Programs
  • 21" stride length
  • Mid-drive system
  • Removable upper body arms
  • Large siderails
  • Pulse Grip & Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
  • 400 lb. user weight capacity
  • Self-generating Power
  • Warranty – lifetime frame; 3 year parts; 1 yr labor

UPDATE:  Quantum Fitness no longer makes ellipticals.  If you are looking for a high end machine check out Precor and Vision

The Word on the Street

Experts note that the selling points of the Quantum Q-210C are the compact design (only 44" in overall length), the mid-drive flywheel technology, low step-in height (7"), and the narrow pedal spacing (1.75").

The Q-210C’s welded steel frame makes this elliptical trainer feel rock solid during workouts, and it’s built with quality component bearings in its joints not bushings.

Elliptical reviewers note that it comes almost 90 percent assembled so a new owner’s only problem is getting the 320-lb machine into the house.

And one more positive point: since it doesn’t need a power source and takes up only minimal space, you can place it anywhere in your home.

Consumers find the Quantum Q210C elliptical trainer has one of the smoothest rides around thanks to the ergonomic aspects of the close-together pedals and the mid-drive design.

The comfortable workout reflects the company’s background in rehab technology and reviewers remark that the machine has reduced stress on their knees and joints compared to other ellipticals.

Our Thoughts

Quantum is best known for their weight training machines for the rehab market which is why they tout such features as low-to-the-floor, easy entry for seniors and others who would have difficulty mounting a tall machine.

These are big, heavy, solid units that are well-loved by their owners. While a $3,175 center-drive elliptical wouldn’t be our first choice, the Quantum Q210C elliptical trainer offers such smooth, quiet performance that it’s turning doubters into believers.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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