The Smooth CE 3.7 Elliptical Trainer – an Upgrade of the CE 2.7 Model

The Smooth CE 3.7 elliptical trainer is an upgraded model over the CE 2.7. Both offer the Dynamic Motion Technology that the company touts as providing an optimum cardio-muscular workout. The difference in price is that this model has more bells and whistles on the console, including an iPod plug-in and speakers; otherwise the machines are the same frame and design.

What You Get

The Smooth CE 3.7 elliptical offers an easy-to-use, multi-color console that displays resistance level and a motion profile, as well as speed, RPM, time, distance, calories and more. Other features on the Smooth CE 3.7 adjustable motion trainer include:

Smooth CE 3.7 Elliptical Trainer

  • 9 Programs; 9 User Profiles
  • 3 (manual) Motion Levels
  • 16 Intensity Levels of Magnetic Resistance
  • iPod Docking Station with Speakers
  • Hand Grip Pulse Sensors
  • Polar® Wireless Heart Rate Sensor
  • 18" - 21" stride length
  • 3-speed Adjustable Fan
  • Self-Pivoting Pedal with Shock Absorbing Cushion
  • Transport Wheels
  • Floor Level Adjustment
  • 325 lbs max user weight
  • Lifetime warranty on frame & brake, 3 years parts, 2 years labor

The Word on the Street

Smooth CE 3.7 Console

UPDATE:  The Smooth CE 3.7 model is no longer being sold.  You can check out our list of the best ellipticals $1000-$2000 for a comparable machine.

Articulating foot pedals have become all the rage on ellipticals over the past five years because numbness in the feet while pedaling an older model trainer was an issue.

Smooth has overcome the problem by using the ergonomically correct Surefit™ pedals which adds to the comfort of the ride.

Experts also like the Agile Dynamic Motion Technology feature which leaves behind the standard elliptical motion and lets you workout in three different oval motion patterns.

Note: the CE 2.7 and the Smooth CE 3.7 elliptical trainer have to be manually adjusted while the more expensive Smooth Agile DMT models come with twelve motions activated by thumb touch controls on the handles.

The Smooth CE 3.7 elliptical trainer is a machine that fits everyone in the house no matter what their height, weight, stride, and fitness goals are. In addition, the nine user profiles let all family members store their own workout information for the next use.

Consumers also love the advanced motion levels since it allows each individual to tap into more muscle groups in the legs, abdominals, and arms for a total body workout. You no longer have to spend an hour on the trainer; you will get a tough, intense workout in half the time -- another plus for a multi-user household.

Our Thoughts

The Smooth CE 3.7 is sale priced at $1,500, a bit more expensive than the now discontinued CE 2.7 elliptical trainer, for which you get a multi-color LED instead of backlit display, plus the iPod port and speakers.

If you want a non-agile machine, Smooth’s EVO REV 400 model is also a solid choice, but if you have your heart set on an agile over a standard elliptical, you will be pleased with the Smooth CE 3.7 elliptical trainer.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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