The Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Profile Scaling

We weren’t sure we’d see much different with the Tunturi C40 elliptical cross trainer after having looked at some of the lower end Tunturis, but we were wrong. For only a hundred dollars or so more than the C35, Tunturi vastly improved the perks offered on their elliptical machines with the introduction of the C40.

What You Get

While the list of additional features isn’t long, it’s what the added features entail that tells the story with the Tunturi C40 elliptical cross trainer. Features include:

Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Upper body workout
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Adjustable foot plates
  • LCD display console
  • Pulse grip or ear clip heart monitor
  • 8 scaleable profiles
  • Constant heart rate and resistance programs
  • 3 year warranty

With the Tunturi C40 it’s also about what they got rid of – like unnecessary readings on the LCD display. You don’t get things like room temperature and humidity – useless readings to begin with. Our guess is they did away with these in order to keep the price of these cross trainers reasonable while offering better features in the profiles.

Tunturi C40 Display

With the C35, the pre-set workout profiles can be edited before use, but with the Tunturi C40 elliptical cross trainer, you can actually scale them to your particular needs while you are working out with a simple touch on the keypad. Scalable workouts mean you can use a pre-set workout, but scale the intensity up or down at any time to vary your cross training and customize your workout. You can also choose which mode you want to scale up or down – the speed, elevation, heart rate or watts.

The Word on the Street

UPDATE:  The C40 model has been discontinued and Tunturi ellipticals are hard to come by these days. If you want to see their latest lineup here is a link to the official site.

For a comparable brand with even more features take a look at NordicTrack ellipticals.

With the introduction of the Tunturi C40, trainers start to take notice. They have good things to say about the scaleable workout. They like a machine that offers just enough variety (8 pre-set profiles) for beginning users, but that has the option with scaling to essentially create more profiles on your own without having to buy another cross trainer down the line.

Those who have purchased Tunturi’s C40 for in-home cross training frequently comment that yes, this machine does make a bit more noise than some other models, but it’s generally not enough to be bothersome. Repairs also seem to be fewer with this elliptical machine. Parts still take some time to receive, but you don’t need them that often.

Our Thoughts

Hey, Tunturi is hitting its stride with this one. The Profile Scaling on the Tunturi C40 elliptical cross trainer is what did it for us.

Although it may take you a bit of fiddling around to get the hang of scaling things just how you want them at first, once you do you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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