The Lifecore LC-CD700 Elliptical with Electronically Adjustable Stride

The top-of-the-line Lifecore LC-CD700 elliptical features adjustable stride length changes at the push of a button. It is Lifecore’s most advanced model offering a smooth silky ride on a compact 46" long base.

What You Get

The extra-large LED console screen has a scrolling message banner and readouts for time, distance, speed, calories, and more. The programs of the Lifecore LC-CD700 elliptical include manual, random, gluteblaster, hill, interval, interval mountain, 5 Heart Rate programs (hill, interval, target, cardio 80%, and fat burn 65%), and custom courses.

Lifecore LC-CD700 Elliptical

The full specs are:

  • 17" to 25" Electronically Adj. Stride
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • 12 programs / 2 custom user profiles
  • Contact heart rate sensors
  • Polar® telemetry (wireless chest strap) included
  • Oversized cushioned pedals
  • Dual-action arm handles
  • 350-lb. user weight capacity
  • Front Transport Wheels
  • Built-in reading rack
  • Unit wt/dimensions: 267.5 lbs/ 46" x 31" x 66" (LxWxH)
  • Warranties – 10 years parts, 1 year labor

The Word on the Street

Lifecore LC-CD700 Console

UPDATE: As of 2016 it appears that Lifecore Fitness is no longer making elliptical machines, choosing to focus on their exercise bikes and rowing machines instead.  

Check out our top picks in the $1000-$2000 category and $2000-$3000 category for comparable Best Buy machines.

The Lifecore LC-CD700 elliptical features Lifecore’s patented electronic stride selection system. You can select different lengths from 17" to 25" in 1" increments with just the push of a button.

It also has a Magnetic/Eddy Current Brake system for friction-less performance, sealed ball bearings, an 8" step-up height, and close 2" pedal spacing.

Able to accommodate users up to 350 lbs, the LC-CD700 is built to last with its rugged steel frame covered by a lifetime warranty, and a 10-year warranty on parts.

This compact elliptical takes up just 46" of floor space, or about half the length of an average rear-drive elliptical which can measure 84" long. But it isn’t the footprint that matters; the key feature on the LC-CD700 is Lifecore’s advanced Center Drive Technology that keeps your body in an upright position so you can workout out longer and more comfortably with less strain on the legs and back.

And as elliptical reviews like to mention, working out in longer sessions means getting better results – sooner.

Our Thoughts

The Lifecore LC-CD700 is making a run at the market share controlled by the Landice Elliptimill by offering this high-end C-Drive model. The CD700 is a nice elliptical trainer in and of itself, but it doesn’t compare to the quality and engineering of the Landice E8 and E9.

If you are going to spend $2999 on a center-drive machine, then spend a few hundred more for an Elliptimill. As for the Lifecore LC series, you have some options: the Lifecore LC-CD700 elliptical has the electronically adjusted stride and a higher weight capacity, or the CD500 that has an easy manual adjusted stride and 300 lbs capacity.

Otherwise, the features are almost the same. You can save $800 by going with the CD500 model that sells for $2,199.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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