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The name is a big part of the popularity of Reebok Elliptical Machines. Most buyers aren’t aware that Reebok elliptical trainers have nothing to do with the company that manufactures athletic shoes and apparel. The actual manufacturer of the exercise equipment is the huge ICON Fitness conglomerate; they have simply licensed the Reebok name to use on one of their many lines of exercise equipment.

Because ICON has the resources to cover a variety of markets, they have developed a line of elliptical machines to fill every niche. Their line of Reebok elliptical machines is for the upper end of the middle market – that is, buyers who are looking for a serious piece of equipment with some extras at a mid-market price. The Reebok brand meets that need with machines in the $700-$1,900 range.

Style and a Big Name

Consumers who buy a Reebok machine tend to associate it with the quality of the shoe and apparel line, so the purchase of the name by ICON was a brilliant marketing move. The company’s advertising touts these elliptical trainers as, “designed for the club, made for the home,” and mentions their sleek appearance and style as some of the advantages of owning a Reebok product.

This product sells to a demographic in their 30’s and 40’s who have begun working out and are becoming serious about fitness, but aren’t ready to break the bank on the highest priced models available.

Trainer Recommended for At-Home Use

Reebok Elliptical Machines

Trainers often recommend Reebok elliptical machines because they are sturdy, reliable machines. They also come packed with extra features that make it interesting and easy to stay on course (variable workouts and elevations, an easy to use heart monitor, etc.).

Many of these features can’t be found on bargain models and are crucial to staying motivated when you reach that “middle ground.” Fitness professionals also like the feel of the stride length and feel that Reebok makes a respectable elliptical trainer for most home users.

What Buyers Say

UPDATE:  Reebok ellipticals are no longer being sold.  Check out our Best Ellipticals section for a comparable model in your price range.

Buyers also like the Reebok brand unless they insist on comparing them to top-of-the-line models that are equivalent to commercial models. They all praise the comfort level, extra features and style of Reebok elliptical machines, but some say that they don’t hold up for as long as those in the $2,500 and up price range. Should this be surprising? Not really, and this is something you should keep in mind.

A Reebok elliptical is going to withstand steady use with no problems for four years or so, which is respectable for the price. After that, it will develop some noise and creaks; again, nothing that you can’t live with for the price and the great ride.

Reebok Elliptical Model Reviews

Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Elliptical - An exceptionally smooth gliding motion for an inexpensive machine, but it lacks the usual bells and whistles.

Reebok Super Ramp RL 7.0 Elliptical - Features a 19" - 21" adjustable stride length plus the steepest incline ramp available on an elliptical priced under $1000.

Reebok T 7.90 Elliptical - a SpaceSaver® trainer that unfolds for a quick workout. Features an incline ramp to help target different muscle groups in the legs and glutes.

Reebok RL 645 Elliptical - Average in design & reliability

Reebok RL 725 Elliptical - an above average machine in the under $1000 price category.

Reebok RL 1500 Elliptical - Upper end model with solid ergonomic feel

Reebok 1000 ZX Elliptical - An affordable cross trainer with Precor-designed power ramp.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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