The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer – Calorie Blasting Workouts

The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer is a light commercial model that it is suitable for use in homes and in facilities such as hotels and corporate fitness centers where usage would be frequent but not excessive. At 380 pounds, it is a tank that offers years of comfortable, calorie-blasting workouts.

What You Get

The split-level display shows a graphic readout of profile, distance, calories, time, heart rate, Watts, METS, and more. Each of the 10 programs has 10 levels and controls for both incline and resistance. Also on the Cybex 425A Arc Trainer console is a multi-colored heart rate light indicator for specific Target HR Zones.

The full list of specs includes:

Cybex 425A Arc Trainer
  • Eddy Current Resistance - 11 Levels
  • 23" Stride Length
  • 10 Programs
  • 11 Incline Levels
  • Resistance Range to 600 Watts
  • Upper Body Handles w/Contact HR grips
  • Polar Wireless HR Monitoring (Chest strap not included)
  • 300 lb. user weight capacity
  • Weight/Dimensions - 380 lbs / 69" x 29" x 62" (L x W x H)
  • Warranty - 10 yrs frame; 5 yrs parts; 1 year labor

UPDATE:  The Cybex 425a Arc Trainer has been discontinued and replaced with all new models.  You can get great deals on all of them here:

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The Word on the Street

Cybex 425A Elliptical Trainer

The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer has the same patented Arc pattern of motion found on the elite 750A model. This pedal motion allows the hip and knee to move synchronously at the same time the foot stays under and behind the knee thus alleviating the type of joint pain typically associated with elliptical trainers.

The Cybex Arc Trainer has three “exercise zones” including Climb, a high position that is similar to a stairclimber motion, the Stride, a middle zone that feels like elliptical pedaling, and the Glide, the lowest setting which feels like a crosscountry ski motion. This “three exercises in one machine” is just one of the many benefits of the Cybex 425A.

These variations of incline and resistance, as well as the moving upper body handles, allow the Cybex 425A to be a true cross training cardio machine. Along with the exercise motions of skier, climber, and runner, the smooth “arcuate” (curved) path of the pedals make the Cybex Arc Trainer one of the most comfortable exercise machines ever invented.

It has a low RPE or rate of perceived exertion, meaning you can burn more calories in less time and with less discomfort on the Arc than you can on a typical elliptical using the same amount of intensity.

In addition to a 23" stride length, and up to 600 Watts of resistance, the Cybex 425A model also has Same Side Forward (SSF) orientation. This means that the arm and leg on the same side move together, as the arm handle and footplate maintain the same positioning ratio regardless of the incline rate.

Since the body maintains a balanced ergonomic position through the stride, this eliminates the back strain some users experience on standard elliptical crosstrainers.

Elliptical reviews on the light commercial 425A are good, with the only real criticism being the price. At $4,745, the Cybex 425A Arc Trainer costs almost as much as the commercial model, the 750A. The 5-year parts warranty is exceptional, and it is a phenomenal machine that will last 10 years or more, but for the price they could at least include a wireless chest strap for the Heart Rate programs.

Our Thoughts

The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer has no real faults; it just costs too much. The home model, the 360A priced at $3,300, has a good warranty, the same stride length, programs, and user weight capacity as the 425A, and offers resistance up to 450 watts.

For a home gym setting, we suggest you save $1,200 and go with the 360A model.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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