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Unlike typical elliptical machnes, Cybex Arc trainers position the user with the ideal posture while providing a natural alignment of the foot under the knee to prevent strain on the joints.

In essence you get three machines on one: a cross country skier, an ellipticals and a climber, giving you the most effective cardio workout possible.

Let's get into our reviews to see what the Arc Trainers are all about.

About the Company

Cybex Arc Trainers

Headquartered in Medway, Massachusetts, Cybex International is a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment for commercial facilities as well as for residential use.

Cybex was formerly known as Trotter, a company it merged with many years ago, which is why you might hear the term Cybex Trotter occasionally, but the correct name is simply Cybex.

The home office is also the location of the CYBEX Institute for Exercise Science, a training center for coaches, athletes, employees, and customers. Since 2007, Cybex Arc Trainers have been made in Owatonna, Minnesota, at a state-of-the-art plant the size of eight football fields.

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In early 2016, Cybex was acquired by the Brunswick Corporation, which also owns Life Fitness, SCIFIT and Hammer Strength.

Cybex cardio machines and strength training products are sold worldwide in 87 countries to health clubs, college and pro sports teams, corporate gyms, and the military. The consumer line of equipment is sold through specialty fitness dealers.

The Current Cybex Arc Trainer Lineup

The current Cybex Arc Trainer lineup consists of the popular 525AT, the R Series Lower Body and the R Series Total Body.

Note: The 625A, 625AT, 770A, 770AT and the Total Access Arc Trainer are no longer available.  The AT models were total body machines with moving arms while the A models were strictly lower body with fixed handle bars.


The base 525AT has a 24" stride length, 21 incline levels, an 8" x 5" LED display, 9 built in workouts with 10 levels each, and a 400 lb. max weight capacity.

R Series Lower Body

The mid-level R Series Lower Body has all of the features of the 525AT plus an additional touch screen option, but with fixed handles.

R Series Upper Body

The top of the line R Series Upper Body has all of the features of the 525AT and Lower Body elliptical with stationary and moving handles for a full body workout.

Here is some info on the older models in case you come across one or are thinking of buying a used Cybex Arc Trainer.


The up-level 625A has an enhanced 7" x 15" LED display and 11 built in workouts with 10 levels each, in addition to all of the features and capabilities of the 525AT.


Same as the 625A but with an upper body workout as well.


Similar to the 625A but with a 4.3" touch screen along with an 8" x 15" LED and 14 workouts.


Same as the 770A but with an upper body workout as well.

Prices range from around $3,500 for the base 525AT to $8,750 for the top of the line 770AT, and the trainers are backed by 3 to 5 year parts warranties and one-year in-home service warranties.

Which Cybex Arc Trainer Should You Choose?

Choosing a Cybex Arc Trainer for your home is definitely a big investment, but if you can afford it, it's one of the best machines you can buy.  

There is a big price jump from the base 525AT to the top of the line R Series models.

So first consider what your budget is and then decide if you want a lower body focus or a full body focus.  

We don't see any reason not to to get a machine that gives you both upper and lower body targeting, as you can always choose to just focus on the lower body if you want on one of the AT models.

For regular home use, the 525AT is fantastic and will be your best bet in terms of price.  So unless the machine will see extremely heavy use, there's no reason to get one of the upper-level models like the R Series or one of the older models like the 625AT and the 770AT.  They are just too expensive.

You can also take a look at a more traditional Cybex elliptical, which is like the trainers you typically come across in the gym or home.

The Goal of Cybex

Using exercise science, the company’s engineers have design this cardio machine to provide the most natural, effective, and comfortable workout possible.

From the company CEO John Aglialoro: “Our products are innovative in design, durable in structure, and always bio-mechanically correct to produce the optimum workout for users.”

The Arc Trainers are the culmination of that research. In addition, Cybex trainers are really Three Machines in One. Because of the variable incline levels, the Arc Trainer offers a low Glide pattern to mimic a cross-country ski trainer, a mid-range motion to be more like an elliptical Stride, and a high Climb position giving it the feeling of a stair stepper. As cross trainer reviews show, the Arc trainers are ideal for working the lower body by combining these different patterns plus gradual resistance levels.

Why Cybex Arc Trainers are Superior

Cybex 770AT Total Body Arc Trainer

Research has shown that in head-to-head tests against leading ellipticals and dynamic adaptive motion trainers, Cybex Arc Trainers burn more calories in less time than any elliptical machine.

Because the main target and focus is on the large muscles in the upper legs and glutes, which require a lot of fuel energy (calories), the Arc motion allows the user to work more effectively and efficiently.

The Rating of Perceived Exertion or RPE on the Cybex is lower than that of an elliptical because of the machine’s Reverse Arc motion technology, which engages the right muscles for the maximum calorie burn.

It accomplishes this energy demand yet does not put undue strain on the knees, hips, or back. Studies show that the overall RPE was significantly lower on the Arc Trainer than on an elliptical with the user working at similar intensities.

Another difference: the Cybex movement cycle has a significantly different torque load on the joints than an elliptical machine.

The reason is that the footplate on the Arc Trainer moves along an arcuate (curved) path, while an elliptical path machine tilts the footplate forward at different points during the pedal cycle. As a result, the level of discomfort on an Arc is far lower than on an elliptical while working at any level of intensity.

Given the research and the high praise by consumers and fitness pros, it is easy to see why the Cybex Arc Trainers have been named Best Product of the Year by Fitness Management magazine for two years in a row.

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Below you will find the specific Cybex Arc Trainer reviews, with more in-depth info, specs, pricing, buying tips and more to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Cybex Model Reviews

Cybex 360A Home Arc Trainer - An affordable residential model that offers the same programs, technology, and rugged features of the health club models.

Cybex 425A Arc Trainer - A phenomenal machine that offers years of calorie-blasting workouts; one of the most comfortable exercise machines ever invented; rated light commercial.

Cybex 600A Arc Trainer - The refurbished Cybex 600a with moving handlebars for upper body exercise provides a true full body workout. Voted ‘Product of the Year’ two years in a row when it came out in 2004.

Cybex Arc 610A Trainer - A total body conditioning machine that provides a low-impact, highly effective workout without putting strain on your joints.

Cybex 750A Arc Trainer - The Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other elliptical or crosstrainer on the market. If you want only the best – and elite customer service to go along with it – this one’s for you.

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