NordicTrack Treadmill Customer Feedback

by April
(Eau Claire, WI )

UPDATE: Please note some of the models below may be older or discontinued. To read our expert reviews of the latest NordicTrack ellipticals just follow this link.

I admit I was reluctant about the Nordictrack E7.1 elliptical trainer because the reviews weren't great but I didn't want to spend what the really highly rated ones cost.

I thought I would want a Sole based on the reviews but when I actually tried one at the store it wasn't comfortable for me.

I'm really glad I went with this one - 4 months later I've lost 15 lbs and I actually look forward to using it. I find it very comfortable and the built in workouts are great.

The only thing I don't like about the Nordictrack E7.1 are the orange bumps on the foot pads. I'd prefer to use it barefoot but that would be too uncomfortable. Shoes with hard bottoms are necessary.

Also, some of the orange bumps on the right foot pad started making a little noise, so I have to position my foot right to avoid it. It's not a big deal though. Hopefully it holds up for a long time.

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by: Anonymous

Purchased this machine when it first came out. Customer service is horrible, they backorder parts for months. This machine will break down. Save yourself the money and buy a better quality machine. I have had 2 breakdowns of the machine and don't use it much.

Avoid NordicTrack Equipment
by: GFilice

I have had a very poor experience with NordicTrack that should discourage anybody who wants to buy from the company online. I bought a NordicTrack GX 5.0 exercise bike online. I wanted to make sure that it would be installed properly so I paid top delivery price. It was not installed properly as neither the tension nor the console worked. I've now spent two very frustrating months trying to get NordicTrack to solve the problem, incuding numerous calls and hours of waiting on line but haven't even been able to get a technician out to look at the bike. My advice is to avoid NordicTrack as their customer service is terrible and once you order the equipment you are on your own. My next move is to go to a local bike shop where I can get a human being who wants to provide service.

Do not buy a Nordictrack
by: C.Welsh

Machine didn't work out of the box. Horrible customer service, returned machine. Will never buy again.

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NordicTrack ASR 630 - Wants Refund

by Bobby
(San Antonio, Texas)

The NordicTrack ASR 630 is a HORRIBLE MACHINE!

The wave washers in the upper handle support have broken 8 TIMES IN 11 MONTHS. Icon has sent replacement washers and I have installed them, correctly with double checks each time, and to no avail.

The last set they sent were supposedly REDISIGNED but the first one broke within a month. My wife uses the machine 5-6 days a week for 30-45 minutes. She is 5'4" and weighs 125 - 130.

I contacted NordicTrack via email today and will be very interested in hearing what they have to say. Thought I doubt it will happen I am going to do all that I can to get them to take back the NordicTrack ASR 630 and refund my money.

If that does not work then I am going to try to get credit towards another, better, machine.

So far I have spend 8 hours replacing these washers and I really do not want to do it again. Just a big old pain in the butt.

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WORST Customer Service EVER!
by: Sherry

I called customer service about my NordicTrack ASR 630 2 months ago, stayed on hold half an hour....29 minutes to be exact.

They told me they would order parts. They told me who to call when parts came. That guy would not come, and said he did not work for them anymore because they wouldn't pay him.

I called them back, stayed on hold 19 minutes, and was told they would have someone call me to set an appointment, but no one called.

I called them a few minutes ago and asked, actually insisted, that I speak to a supervisor. This time, I had been on hold 22 minutes. The guy tried to get me to give him information about my problem. I refused and still insisted on a supervisor.

He put me on hold 6 minutes. He came back, no supervisor, and said he could see my problem was needing a tech, so he was transferring me to someone. Another 7 minute wait.

Same guy comes back and assures me a repair tech will call in half an hour to set appointment to fix my machine. Hasn't happened!

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!

Repair Tech
by: Anonymous

When I replace those wave washers, I use stainless steel washers @ approx .50 each. I believe the technical name for those washers were machine bushings. An old fashion hardware store is your best bet. Match up the inner diameter of the wave washer or the shaft diameter to get the right one. You'll want to use a thin one, about 1/16 of an inch thick at the most. Grease them good when you install them and you'll never replace a wave washer again. That use for them is to force the plastic covers apart from each other so no rubbing takes place and the arms firm up during use.

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NordicTrack ASR 630 - Problems with Upper Arms, Console

by Jamie
(Texas, USA)

I bought a NordicTrack ASR 630 elliptical in January 2008. It took a long time to assemble. After about 6 months of use it started making a lot of noise and I noticed that the upper arms were sliding loosely on the upper axle.

I took it apart and noticed that the wavy washers that fit on the axle between the arm were broken. I ordered replacements. The washers are 58 cents a piece, the shipping was $14.00.

So I ended up paying over $20 for replacement washers and some extra screws. I looked in local hardware stores and you cannot find the same washers. A few months later they broke again.

After almost a year the console went haywire and started beeping and none of the settings could be changed. I called customer support as the NordicTrack ASR 630 was still under warranty so they sent me another console for only $15 shipping.

The console I got looked like it was used and the fan didn't work, but I was just happy I could change the resistance on my elliptical. 6 months later it went out.

NordicTrack will be happy to send me another one for $275. That is almost half of the cost of the elliptical to begin with.

When I complained they offered to give me 20% off. That should cover shipping. I don't want to pay that much for something that will go out in 6 months. I am shopping for a different brand of elliptical.

Also the pulse sensor does not work on my NordicTrack ASR 630 elliptical.

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NordicTrack ASR 700 Elliptical - Bought from Sears

by Tom Catter
(PEI, Canada)

What absolute garbage. I bought the NordicTrack ASR 700 Elliptical from Sears.

My other exercise equipment, a stationary bike and a treadmill, are still hanging on after more than ten years, so I thought I would have the equal good luck. It is not Sears however, it is NordicTrack.

Anyway, when it was delivered, the console didn't work, it lit up in the background, but no data, all I had was a blue screen. It is Sears Canada I have to phone, try phoning Toronto and talking to a bunch of foreigners in a call center.

After a lot of talking, and a wait of two weeks, my new console arrived, was put in and it worked.

Three weeks later, the plastic wheel went on me on the right pedal. Bad enough that the arm just dropped to the floor loosely. Called in again. Another run around from the Call Center.

By and by the repair guy and I just started to call each other. He eventually fixed it, three months later, most of the time we were waiting for that stupid wheel to come in. After that repair I did not use it for three months or so.

I finally started to again this week. After four sessions of 15-20 minutes only, the other wheel, the one on the left pedal, is shot. Another call to the Toronto House of Chaos.

She actually started to hang up on me when I asked her increduously, "You mean I have to haul this 300 lb thing out of my basement and load it into my truck, (how did you know I even had one) and bring it to the shop"? whatever that means.

I live in a small province, where is "this shop"? Last time the repair guy came to my house and fixed it, what is so different this time? She hung up when she couldn't explain it. I called the repair guy directly again.

He says his "rep" for the region, told him he wasn't supposed to do what he did last time to fix it, I am to bring it in. I told him, tell that Rep to call me, I'll talk to him.

And if I have to bring that machine in, Mister, it is staying right &%$#$% there! You've ripped me off for sure, paid $1000 for that thing.

Feel bad for the Sears guys, the Manager there is a good guy. But he'd do well to can Nordic Track I figure. Let the gyms who can afford to fix them deal with them.

I have had it with these clowns. People, do not be fooled by the price tag, i.e. thinking "you won't have to get it repaired, good quality etc." Right. It is back to the 200-500 dollar jobs for me.

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Incredibly Disappointed
by: Tina

I have replaced all the rollers, the console, and the resistance motor, meaning that I not only bought this machine but have invested another $500 trying to keep it functioning. I need this type of exercise because of health problems, but am INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED both with the machine and the response from NordicTrack. The new console lasted 4 weeks before its screen would frizz out after 3 - 10 minutes. I need an elliptical, liked the stride length and incline, but WILL NOT buy another NordicTrack.

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NordicTrack ASR 700 Elliptical User Comments

by Julie Robinson
(Ellerslie, Georgia)

So far, in the space of two years the console has blown twice.

The NordicTrack ASR 700 elliptical has not been a good purchase at all.

I would not encourage anyone to purchase one!

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NordicTrack is a bad joke
by: Anonymous

My console is shot on my NordicTrack ASR 700. After reading everyone's complaints I certainly will not throw away good money after bad.

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NordicTrack ASR 1000 Elliptical Not Worth The Money

by John Moulton

I bought NordicTrack ASR 1000 elliptical machine in April/May 2008.

The first week I used the machine something went wrong with the crank arm. I called ICON Customer Service and they sent me the replacement parts.

I had been using the NordicTrack machine since then and now the plastic roller broke. To fix the machine it will cost me $100.36.

I am not spending this amount and have the other roller break down. The machine is creating a lot of noise.

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Nordictrack ASR 1000 - Problems After Just 45 Minutes

by Bob
(La Center, WA, USA)

I bought the Nordictrack ASR 1000 elliptical online with free shipping, spent about 2 hours assembling unit.

Used about 45 minutes total and the drive belt came off and small lower pulley was broken. Called customer service, they said they would send a part to my house in about 6-7 days, then someone would call me to come and repair it.

Decided to just send it back for a full refund after reading other complaints about this elliptical. Got more exercise unpacking, assembling, disassembling and repacking than using the machine.

Decided to buy a Sole elliptical trainer.

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NordicTrack ASR 1000 Elliptical - DIY Repair

by Erica
(Flagstaff, AZ)

I purchased my Nordictrack ASR 1000 elliptical in August of 2008 from my local Sears store. I had fallen in love with the ellipticals in the gym but my new schedule didn't allow the time to make it there often enough to be worth the membership fees.

I had to find a buddy to help me haul it home (Sears wouldn't waive the delivery fee even though my house was 5 blocks from the store), and it took me several hours to assemble it (they wanted more money for that too), but it was sooooo worth it!

I happily used my machine the past couple of years, until a week ago when it started making this funny rattling motion when I was really going fast on it.

Of course a part breaks several months after the warranty expired. It took me a few to locate the problem, a cracked ramp wheel, part #286547. These lil rubber beauties are $60 a piece, and that doesn't include shipping!!

Good thing my man is a genius! He says "take a wheel from one of those skateboards in storage". Long story short - it worked.

Don't waste your money on a silicone wheel from the manufacturer, skateboard wheels are rubber or silicone or plastic, come in a variety of diameters and widths, have heavy duty capacity and bearings, and have the same 8mm axle opening that ellipticals run on.

I ended up buying a package of wheels (4 for $30) and bearings (8 for $10) and just putting brand new wheels on both sides. Plus I have spares for when they wear out again in 2 more years!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking NordicTrack, they are a great company. I just hate to see people get ripped off just for trying to stay healthy.

Cheers and good health, my friends!

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NordicTrack ASR 1000 Elliptical Console Failure (2X)
by: Jim Gurtner

Same thing happened to me. We had the NordicTrack ASR 1000 for a few weeks and the console went dim and barely readable.

The console was replaced under warranty; however, it went bad after the 1-year warranty was over. The console stays on and beeps on and off continuously; the buttons are not responsive.

Called Nordictrack and they said it was a bad console. They want $400 for a new console.

NordicTrack ASR 1000 Consoles are Defective
by: Anonymous

We purchased the NordicTrack ASR 1000 in Sept of 2008 directly from Nordictrack and my husband assembled it right away.

We plugged in the machine to discover that the console did not work. I called Nordictrack and after paying the shipping fee they sent me a new one. The second console lasted until May of 2009 at which time the machine would turn on by itself and beep excessively.

Called Nordictrack and they sent a tech to install our third console which lasted until March of 2010.

I once again called Nordictrack and was told my warranty was over and it would be $400.00 for a new console with a very short guarantee on how long it would last. I weigh 125 pounds, am the only one who uses the machine, and it now sits in our bedroom unusable.

When you pay $1000.00 for a machine it should last more than 2 years!

I also wrote a letter to NordicTrack and it went unanswered, so much for customer service.

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I Love My NordicTrack 1300 Elliptical

by Karen
(Wisconsin, USA)

I purchased my NordicTrack 1300 elliptical a couple of months ago and I love it. The only issue is that I can't find the info for strides equaling distance.

Otherwise the NordicTrack elliptical works out perfectly. I live in Wisconsin and I don't have to go out in the cold after a sweaty workout!

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Elliptical Stride Length/Distance Conversion
by: Erica

There are 5280 feet in a mile, and 12 inches in a foot, so there are 63,360 inches in a mile: so figure out what the stride length is for your machine (typically it is 15-18 inches) and plug it into the equation 63360 / X = how many strides to a mile.

But the point of the elliptical workout is raising your heart rate to a steady pace for 20 - 30 minutes, not how far you ran... although it does help the sense of accomplishment to know how far you have gone!

Happy running!

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NordicTrack 1300 Commercial Elliptical - Lasted 1 Year

by Ross
(Glenview, IL)

Our NordicTrack 1300 Commercial elliptical lasted 1 year and 1 week.

Started making noise soon after we started using the machine. Recently the machine became harder to use without adjusting the tension/resistance.

Began to notice black dust below the unit. I'm really handy with things around the house, so I took it apart and noticed the "Eddy Mechanism" was not aligned properly and seemed to be missing bearings on the axle.

Fine, I'll order a new "Eddy Mechanism" and replace it. Well, the NordicTrack 1300 Commercial originally cost us about $800-$900 at Costco. I-Con wants to charge me $856.48 to replace this piece, plus shipping and handling?????

What a joke, the faulty product replacement will cost more than the original cost of the unit. I'm going to see what I can get for the scrap metal and put the $ towards a well manufactured unit.

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NordicTrack Commercial 1300 Elliptical - It Lasted 2 Hours!

by Terry Dovey
(Brookings, OR)

We bought the NordicTrack Commerical 1300 elliptical. It lasted 2 hours. Called NordicTrack, they sent out the parts, we called the technician, who has now told us that they sent out the wrong parts.

Called NordicTrack, who couldn't care less, ordered more parts and now have to wait another two weeks to use the machine... if we get the right parts.

I will never buy another NordicTrack product. This is a terrible company.

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NordicTrack Elite 1300 Elliptical - Major Design Flaw

by Conrad
(Seattle, WA)

See the light shining through the crack.

See the light shining through the crack.

The NordicTrack Elite 1300 elliptical has a major design flaw. The weld line between the frame and the cross bar that attaches to the arms will crack, and NordicTrack customer service says there is no way to replace the frame.

In addition the warranty is only one year on this unit (others are lifetime) because they know about the problem and don't want to replace the frames. Now I'm stuck with a super expensive towel rack.

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That design flaw...
by: mrsnak

I've mentioned it before, but these units were never designed for serious use. These are for the casual user. There are no grades between gym quality and these.

My equipment gets used, but I factor in the fact that I will be replacing parts and/or having products that failed at welds rewelded locally. My first weld fail was due to QC (they missed a weld) and the second, metal fatigue around the weld.

ICON (they own NordicTrack) support is cheerful, but rarely helpful, since CSR are not empowered to go above and beyond to truly help. They have to stick by their rules.

On the other hand, I've had stellar support for my inexpensive "Hardcore Gym" now owned by Body Solid. These folks have replaced the broken cables over a period well over 10 years for free, including shipping. This company completely gets it.

My next elliptical will be from them.

BTW- Kudos to All Ellipticals for a site where you can get an objective discussion going. ICON can't be too happy ;-)

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Not Happy with the NordicTrack Commercial 1300 Elliptical

by Anna

Set up of the NordicTrack Commercial 1300 elliptical was a mess. Some screws would not fit properly which made for a not so easy assembly.

The frame was a little squeaky when in use and after a few months the screws would come loose while in use; used lock tight on them.

I had a problem with the Eddy Current Mechanism as well. It would make a ticking sound. I had it fixed once and within 3 more months it had worn out.

Of course by then the 1 year warranty was already done with.. I paid $800.00 for this machine and to replace the Eddy Current Mechanism they wanted $1019.00. I can buy a brand new machine for that price.

What are they thinking? Needless to say I will not buy anything from NordicTrack ever again - I am very unhappy with them.

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NordicTrack FreeMotion S5.6 Elliptical - Noisy, Wobbly, Not Sturdy

by Jovana
(Seattle, WA)

I purchased the NordicTrack FreeMotion S5.6 Elliptical from

There are couple of things that are indisputable about this machine: a) noisy, b)wobbly/unsturdy. The video clip on their website with athletes commenting about this machine must have been sound edited.

However, bring this thing into your house and you can hear it over your iPod.

The FreeMotion S5.6 sells for the same price as other upper range home ellipticals (about $1,700), however many cheaper ones are smoother and quieter.

I should have known that with such a high center of gravity there will be no sturdiness. The picture where the woman goes the full stride also makes no sense because any time I went the full stride there is a bang as the rollers hit the end of the rail.

I returned the NordicTrack FreeMotion S5.6 and bought an Octane 37e - what a difference!

I wrote this same review on a week ago. As of now they have not posted it yet. I am starting to think that they review opinions and only post favorable ones.

Editor's note: The FreeStrider 35s and the FreeMotion S5.6 are the same machine!

We emailed ICON Fitness about this and here is what they had to say: "As requested on your email, the FreeStrider 35s and the FreeMotion S5.6 are the same unit.

I can't tell you why Icon USA uses both names for the same machine. It could be a marketing reason. I need to advise you this unit is not available in Canada."

Icon Canada Inc.
Service à la Clientèle/
Customer Service

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Nordictrack CX 1000 Elliptical User Review - Very Pleased with Purchase

by Jody White
(Columbia, Mississippi, USA)

I love the Nordictrack CX 1000 elliptical. Once I finally received it. At first it was sent by UPS, they lost the shipment(very disappointed in UPS: they never contacted me, I found this out by tracking my shipment).

I waited about 2 weeks, contacted Nordictrack, they shipped me another one, I received it in about 6 days in perfect condition by Old Dominion Freight Company. Just got it, 3 days ago.

Hardest thing was to put it together: took my 14 year old son and me about 4 hours. We followed the directions, and it was hard at some points; seems like the screws were wrong.

Had to replace a couple of screws on the dust covers with shorter screws. (There should have been better directions or parts could have been numbered instead of just saying left or right). It went together very well as long as you did not tighten the screws up until you were finished assembling that part.

The Nordictrack CX 1000 works great, very quite, and comfortable. It does not hurt any of my joints. I bought this elliptical machine to lose weight and get my cardio back in good shape.

I am 49 years, and 60 lbs. overweight due to a historectomy, and the lack of exercise due to going back to college and lack of time.

This Nordictrack elliptical is just super. It is easy to move to a different location, without any exertion.

It's quiet. It has easy moveable magnetic foot peddles (they attach to the handles by a magnet when they are not in use, or if you are in the space saver mode).

It has a fan that can pivot up or down(very nice). When you step on the foot peddle; this is how the machine turn on or off. It has 10 different programs, and you can set it to work with different resistance while you are walking/running.

The only thing I did not like about this elliptical is that the controls run on 4-D batteries, which did not come with it. But it also has a place to hook up a power cord, which was not explained, just happened to find the port on back of the computer board, no information on how to purchase this power cord.

I have been using the Nordictrack CX 1000 twice a day, working myself toward the 30 minute goal, then I plan to increase my resistance as I go. It does not hurt my legs or knees like I thought it would.

It has 3 different strides( I am using the 18 inch stride: it is comfortable to me, I am 5'8"), but also plan to use the 12 in & 15 in stride to target other muscle groups.

I got a great price on this elliptical from Nordictrack, Christmas sale $499.00 plus free shipping ($110.00 value) if I paid for it all at once, which I did.

So far, Nordictrack customer service has been great to deal with, but they did not answer my first two emails, had to call them on the phone, to report the loss of my order. UPS should have contacted them, but they didn't!

Just after 3 days, I can already feel a difference in my body.

The machine is sturdy and weights 167 lbs., and will hold the weight of a 250 lb. person. My husband is even giving it a try. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and the performance of the Nordictrack CX 1000 elliptical. I wish I had bought one years ago.

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NordicTrack Power Adaptor
by: Anonymous

The power cord is available anywhere that sells NordicTrack equipment, it's standard (fits all their machines) and shouldn't run you more than $25.

NordicTrack AudioStrider Display Unit
by: Bob H

We loved our NordicTrack AudioStrider until the display unit recently went out. We owned the machine a few days short of 3 years and expected more.

NordicTrack and Sears said the unit would cost over $400 and the service call was $140. I have told all my friends to stay clear.

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NordicTrack CX 1055 Elliptical and Extended Warranty

by Vossy5
(Illinois, USA)

We have had the NordicTrack CX 1055 elliptical for a number of years and there continues to be problems with the ramp wheels breaking.

We took out the extended warranty and because there was a problem with the ramp wheel and we had to have service when we went to renew the warranty the price had increased dramatically because we had a service call!

It was not a problem we caused but continues to be a defective part on this machine.

Stay clear of Nordictrack if this is the kind of service you get from them.

Comments for NordicTrack CX 1055 Elliptical and Extended Warranty

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No need for expensive NordicTrack wheel
by: Andrew

Just so happens that I needed this wheel and the Allied caster company is in Charlotte where I live. I worked with Norman at Allied and I can confirm that the wheel mentioned by previous poster works great. 3 1/2 donut shape wheel with a bushing combo to take it down to 5/16 is perfect. I had to cut the 5/16th bushing down by about a 1/4 of an inch, but that was an easy fix with a hack saw. Total cost was 23 dollars. Absolutely the way to go.

Thanks Guys
by: Anonymous

I just bought replacment wheels to the specs previously written from I called and they were very helpful and friendly. They fit good. I wish I had gotten the wheel in the donut version and not the flat as the channel on the ramp curves.

Right Wheel
by: Anonymous

I bought one at Sears and same problem. Right wheel started bothering me. It's unbalanced making this loud noise.

Ramp Wheel Replacement - Rubber Caster Only $8
by: Tom

Many thanks for the tip on the rubber casters. I just replaced one of the wheels on our CX 1055 yesterday with an $8 rubber caster that is far more durable. A couple of things to remember when you go to replace the wheel: 1.) Wheel width - the forks on the elliptical have bushings friction-fit in place, so the width cannot be greater than the wheel you remove; 2.) Bearing bore size - when looking for a replacement (I agree with the other comment that you should have a wheel with a bearing(s)), bring the old wheel and bearings so the store can properly size your replacement wheel. Most casters have changed to 3/8" bearing bore, and of course, this elliptical wheel bearing bore is smaller (5/16"). So, keep that in mind.; 3.) Stores you might find in your local area to try - F.E. Bennett, Grainger, Mill Supply or other industrial distributors like that.

Ramp Wheel Replacement
by: Jaime

Hello, I got around this issue by going to a place which sells rubber casters and buying a set which fits the diameter of the bolt and the space where the wheel sits. The problem with the ones that comes with the machine is simply cheap manufacturing - no need to tell you where they come from!! The plastic rim breaks really easy and there goes the wheel. But if you buy the good caster - they look like Inline skate wheels which I tried at first - then you're good to go. Make sure they have metal bearing for a rim. They should last for about 4 to 6 month depending on your regime and cost you about $9 to $11 a piece. Wish I could add pictures here so you can see what I'm talking about, but you can google Performa Rubber Caster Model F 3-1/2" x 1-5/16. Good luck.

Same problem
by: Anonymous

I just bought a replacement wheel, then had to buy another one for the other side and that one lasted a week before breaking... talk about bad design!

Same Problem With Wheels
by: Anonymous

I have now replaced wheels four times (at $75 a pop) and this problem pops up every 12-18 months. If the core of the wheel was made of something more durable than plastic, this would not be an issue. But, I guess that's continuing profit by (bad) design.

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Nordictrack CX 1600 Elliptical - Assembly Problems

by Bob
(Detroit, Michigan)

The treads on the frame of my Nordictrack CX 1600 elliptical were improperly tapped such that the base would not bolt to the main frame.

The customer service person was polite but she did not seem to understand basic mechanical concepts and repeatedly offered to send replacement bolts with a 7 to 10 day lead time.

Finally, it was agreed that a technician would come out to look at the Nordictrack elliptical in something more than 7 to 10 days.

Meanwhile, I have my money and space tied up in the Nordictrack CX 1600 with a fundamental manufacturing flaw from the factory in China that could have easily been eliminated with a simple gauge or quality check.

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Nordictrack A.C.T. User Review

by Dave
(Port Charlotte, FL, USA)

The NordicTrack A.C.T. is my first elliptical trainer so I can't make comparisons to other machines, I can only tell you about my experience.

Purchased on Sept. 7, 2009 directly from NordicTrack.

Shipping confirmation on Sept. 9th.

Received on Sept. 14th.

I started assembly right after delivery and what should've taken maybe 3 hours ended up taking a lot longer.

The holes for attaching the console to the machine were supposed to be drilled and tapped for the screws that were supplied, but the screws didn't fit.

I re-tapped the holes after buying the proper tap and drill set. I didn't have any difficulty assembling the machine by myself, but 2 people would make it easier.

After finishing the assembly, I plugged it in and the console acted very strangely, turning off and restarting every time the pedals started to rotate, or if I pushed any of the buttons including the fan.

I called Icon Fitness, the maker of the NordicTrack A.C.T., the next day. They said it was probably a defective console and, not having any in stock, they would have to build one and send it out to me.

That was on Sept. 15th and on OCT. 2 I received the new console. It was in an anti-static bag, inside a cardboard box which was inside a larger cardboard box...with NO PADDING.

Needless to say, it arrived broken. After closer inspection, I realized that it wasn't broken from the poor packing but from poor assembly.

A wire was not routed where it was supposed to go and held the parts away from each other and when the person building it tried to force the screws tight, they broke the plastic nipples they were screwing into off. No quality control whatsoever.

I called again and explained that problem to them on Oct. 2nd, they were very nice on the phone and promised that the next one would be well packed. It arrived on Oct. 10th, well packed. I installed it, and it worked fine.

The NordicTrack A.C.T. itself is not very sturdy and after using it regularly for a few months, it has developed an inconsistent knocking sound that can be felt through the left pedal and arm.

The arms are not for pushing or pulling, as they are becoming loose even after tightening the screws again. I weigh approximately 210 lbs and I wouldn't suggest anyone heavier try to use the A.C.T.

Having never used a different elliptical, I don't know how common these problems are, but for the price, I wouldn't recommend this NordicTrack machine. I paid $899.99.

I use the machine an hour or more 4 or more times a week and the workout is good. I just think that the NordicTrack A.C.T. is built to sell, not to last.

Comments for Nordictrack A.C.T. User Review

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Brand new machine with problems
by: Anonymous

I have just received the Nordictrack a.c.t. 7 and I am already disappointed. The first time I got on there was a loud knocking noise. Also the console will not scroll when I try to use the internet. I called Nordic Track and they are sending parts for me to exchange on the machine. Instead of sending a new console, they are sending a sd card for me to replace inside the console. They are sending the left pedal arm for me to replace also. One would think they would send out the service technician for a brand new machine. I was told the sd card was out of stock and would be sent when they receive it. You would think they would check to make sure things work before sending out a machine. I had read bad reviews before buying. I just had faith it would not happen to me. After paying almost $1200 I would think I would be getting quality merchandise that does not need repair as soon as you finish assembly. I am just waiting to see how this turns out.

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Nordictrack A.C.T Pro Elliptical with iFit® Live - Needs Work

by Unhappy Guy
(Northern Arizona)

These are a few of my observations with regards to my NordicTrack A.C.T Pro Elliptical:

1. First of all my order did not come as I requested.
2. Next the machine clunks at some settings.
3. The iFit® Live support is really not up to speed. They still think that you can average a higher speed than the max speed. WHAT THE ...????
4. Now just one year old, it is broken and I’m waiting on service.

Last but not least, I wrote an initial review on their site when I bought the machine and it was never posted. It appears that if it’s not 100% good, they hide the review.

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NordicTrack Elite Commercial Elliptical - No Power Incline As Advertised

The NordicTrack Elite Commercial Elliptical does not have the power incline like it was advertised on their website.

They just changed their website today to my disadvantage since I ordered it two weeks ago.

Instead of telling me they were out, they sent the Freemotion E7.5 and was told it was the same machine. It is not. It does not have the power incline ramp though identical in most everything else.

I feel like I was lied to and they tried to play dumb. When I tried to reach a manager yesterday, I was told to leave a message and that they would call me back.

No one called me back so when I did get through today, the manager asked where on the website do I see "power incline" for the Nordictrack Elite Commercial.

They just updated the website today and took the false advertising off. Really bad customer service skills. I don't know why he tried to play me for a fool.

They did offer a discount but why would I spend that kind of money for something I have to settle for? Something is really screwy since they weren't able to even find the Nordictrack Elite Commercial with their own tracking number.

I think they plan on substituting the NordicTrack Elite Commercial with the Freemotion elliptical, which is good to know if you were planning on buying the Freemotion in the first place. Waste of my time!

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NordicTrack Freestrider 35S User Comments

by Lemar
(Benton City, WA USA)

Great elliptical. The NordicTrack Freestrider 35S elliptical does everything it is advertised to do and provides a terrific workout.

However, due to some shabby quality control in China, it took three months to get it fully functional.

My wife and I assembled it in about four hours, taking our time and following the straightforward instructions carefully. We could have done it in a couple of hours, but my wife is very deliberate.

Right out of the box we noticed that the foot pads were different in design and material. Anyone could have seen this, so I wonder what they were doing at the Chinese factory when inspecting the elliptical.

New foot pads arrived in less than a week after we called the home office in Logan, Utah. I changed them out myself.

Once up and running, the display screen would not work. It just read Start Striding but, other than pulse and resistance, none of the readouts worked.

We called for assistance, and the local folks who service the NordicTrack were timely and professional. The first technician checked the wire harness to make sure no wires were pinched or broken; he determined that the display monitor must have been banged around in shipping, so he ordered a new one which was sent to our home. That took over two weeks.

He came back to install it, but the problem was the same - no readouts and a blank screen after a few minutes. He adjusted the read switch to no avail, and determined that was the problem.

Another two weeks until the part arrived from Logan. A second service technician came out. He installed the new switch, but the problem remained.

He checked every electrical wire and removed a second read switch on the bottom of the machine. He quickly noticed it was damaged, as if it had been crushed under a boot. He ordered a new one, another two plus weeks, and when he was available to come to the house to install it, we finally had a fully functional elliptical.

I hope the guts of the NordicTrack Freestrider 35S were assembled and inspected better than the electronics. Excellent machine, excellent service, but poor quality control.

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Nordictrack Elliptical - Returned to Costco After 1 Year

by Sharay
(Eugene Oregon)

Nordictrack ellipticals do not hold up to the test of time and the company does not stand behind their product.

I used this for about a year and it never did work right. I had service people out twice and it was never fixed properly. Now after a year a piece of metal sheared off and the machine cannot be fixed or used.

I used it on average 3 times per week for one year for a half an hour each time. I only weigh around 140 lbs so I see no reason for this to happen other than poor workmanship. I would not purchase a Nordictrack elliptical again.

I bought this at Costco and they are standing behind their products and allowing me to return it. I say NEVER AGAIN to Nordictrack!!!!!!!! and YES to Costco!!!

Comments for Nordictrack Elliptical - Returned to Costco After 1 Year

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by: Anonymous

I finally junked mine a couple of months ago. Bought it, used it for 3 months. Went on vacation for 3 weeks, got home and started having problems with it. Called NordicTrack.

It took from May to November to get someone to come out to my house to take a look at my machine, meanwhile I was unable to use it.

So it was finally fixed. It broke a month later. Took another 2 months to get someone to come out, I was just lucky I had complained to the company prior about this problem, it just wasn't addressed at the time of the other visit.

By the time I had it fixed the 2nd time I had it for a year, the warranty was up and anything else that happened was on me. I had used my machine a total of 4 months, 4 or 5 times a week for up to an hour by that time.

About a month later I moved and after I got settled I worked out on my machine for a grand total of 2 days before it broke a 3rd time. The console went out for a 2nd time.

Again I called NordicTrack and they informed me it would cost me more than half of what I paid for the machine to have a replacement console and a tech come out (because something happened with the tension motor as well).

Finally I paid my maintanance guy 50 bucks to junk it for me, after I cussed out NordicTrack for having the worst possible customer service I have ever dealt with.

Now I am in the market for a Sole elliptical trainer.

Console Does Not Work
by: Anonymous

It seems that the poor quality of NordicTrack products spans continents. I am in London UK and I just bought an elliptical. The console does not work. I have had TWO replacement consoles sent to me and neither of them work either!

I have tried plugging it in and using batteries - no luck. It just won't turn on.

I'm going to try returning it now.

I agree, Horrible Product
by: Anonymous

Mine keeps dropping the tension pulley. Unfortunately my warranty has expired.

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This NordicTrack Elliptical Lasted 4 Years!

by Melissa
(Vancouver, WA 98686)

About 4 years ago I bought a NordicTrack elliptical trainer. I absolutely loved it until today. Just a few days short of the four year mark it started to squawk like a bird in pain.

I had worn through the coating on the ramp. Called for a replacement part and found out it would cost me almost the amount of the machine when I originally got it. I thought I could live with the noise, I know I put up with other small minor noises and things with the machine.

Just a couple of days later the machine started to make loud cracking sounds. I had no idea what it was. My dad tried helping me, we thought it was this or that but couldn't put our finger on it. Then one day I looked down and realized there was something not right with one of the wheels.

So I got out the tools and took it off. The center of the wheel made out of plastic had cracked and come apart. Called to replace the wheels thinking I could still live with the bird sounds.

Found out the cost to me would be over $200 and said no thanks, hung up and vowed to really do my research this time even if it cost me way more than I intended.

Sometimes in life paying big up front pays off in the long run and truly saves me money.

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Nordic Track Ellipticals Parts Order

by Donavan McCoy
(Stockton, CA)

The Nordic Track Elliptical is a well built machine, however when the time comes to replace parts that wear, beware of NordicTrack's ploy to get you to buy those parts at 10 times the retail cost.

NordicTrack uses everyday parts and charges huge prices for the ones that wear the quickest. The example I would like to use is the track wheels.

These wheels are nothing more than a 100mm skate wheels with a standard 608 hub bearing with an 8mm shaft. These skate wheels are sold retail anywhere from $6 to $20 online (such as

NordicTrack will gladly sell them to you for $98 for the pair plus $25 shipping and $6 handling. If you kept track that is $129 for a pair of skate wheels. Get wheels with an alloy rim, and it will outlast the Nordic Track plastic rim wheel by decades.

Drive belts are also sold at $60 to $100 dollars through NordicTrack's website, but a quick trip to any auto parts store can reward you with a V-belt for around $10.

Good luck!

Comments for Nordic Track Ellipticals Parts Order

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Cheap Wheels
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the input about replacement wheels. Mine also broke on my ASR 700 and I refuse to pay what they are charging - ridiculous.

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Nordic Track Elliptical (NTEL77061) - Overpriced Replacement Parts

by Joe
(Cincinnati, OH)

My wife and I bought a NordicTrack elliptical last year. Both rollers started acting up a couple weeks ago.

I went online found the parts I needed and it said – quantity (2) $52.62. I take this to mean you get 2 for $52.62. I do quite a bit of ordering for my company and when it says quantity 2 - $52.62 it means you get 2 for that price, not per piece.

To think that two wheels could cost $105 or 20% or the total price for this machine is completely ridiculous.

I will never consider buying any other NordicTrack products and every single site for consumer reporting I can find I will pass this information on so other people don’t make the same mistake and buy NordicTrack products and get stuck having to fix it after a year with completely overpriced replacement wheels/parts.

Comments for Nordic Track Elliptical (NTEL77061) - Overpriced Replacement Parts

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Nordic Track Elliptical Rollers
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue, rollers do not stand up to the usage. I have no idea how a roller cost so much. Looking to replace with skateboard wheels.

nordctrack wheels
by: lae freeman

Skateboard wheels are cheaper, stronger, and easier to get. I used them on my audiostrider 800 elliptical and they worked just fine.

Just ordered my wheel today
by: Doug

Wish I would have found this review before I ordered a set of wheels. My machine (audio strider 800) is probably going on 6 years old with no maintainence. If it last another 3 or 4 years then good. I have used the hell out of this machine up to 5 times a week. It's worth it to keep it going

Quick and Cheap Fix for NordicTrack Roller Wheels.
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with the roller wheels breaking apart. I flat out refused to pay the $60 per wheel that I found. After some thought I realized these things were similar to skateboard wheels. I went to our local skate shop (of course there were some confused looks as I walked in). The wheels were fairly close and the bearings were the exact same size to fit the skateboard wheels. Lo and behold they actually worked, and worked better! The new wheels were a little wider and improved the stability of the whole motion. The skateboard wheels were $30 dollars for a set of four, so now I have two spares. It's been three weeks and the wheels work perfectly! Don't waste your time on replacement parts. These work better than the factory wheels. Hope this helps somebody down the road! Happy gliding!

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NordicTrack E5vi Elliptical Review

by Snak
(Ventura, CA)

It's always a problem with consumer sports equipment - never designed for continuous use.

I bought the NordicTrack E5vi elliptical less than 2 years ago, and within the first year, an area near the bottom weld on the frame sheared off.

The frame has a lifetime warranty - but only the frame. NordicTrack sent me out a new piece (very difficult to install), but at least I got it working.

Today, the area near the foot track pivot on the bottom of the right pole was found to be shearing off. The part was expensive, so it was easier to get welded locally.

Comments for NordicTrack E5vi Elliptical Review

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Cheap poor quality Elliptical
by: Anonymous

VERY poor quality Elliptical, the NordicTrack E5vi. Lots of creaking noises initially. I had to go around and snug up screws that had worked loose after a few uses.

Then there is a scraping noise from the rear after 5 months of use. Took it apart and it is probably one of the bearings. I can't locate since it's very hard to service the unit, everything is difficult to get to.

There is no way to lubricate the bearings in their remote cluttered loacation. Not very stable and cheaply made.

Not worth half the new price and free it might not be worth the effort to set up.

I'd look to another brand that focuses on quality.

Joseph, Frame (1) was covered for me
by: snak

I had the exact same problem, and it was due to a defective weld at the base. They sent me a replacement part. This part is clearly the frame. Try to get a supervisor and send them to this website if they complain.

ICON's service policies are the worst of any exercise equipment I have ever owned, sad to say.

You may be better off, as I did for the right upper body leg (6), to get someone to weld it locally for you.

The frame is a chore to unbolt, and the bolts are sturdy, so if you use a proper allen wrench, you should be able to take it all apart. It was a full afternoon's work to take the frame apart for me.

Download the manual (do a Google search for this model number) if you don't have one.

Broken (1) Frame - Refused Warranty - HELP?
by: Joseph

I have had this unit for just under two years and haven't had any problems. Pretty abruptly last week I felt the front start to wobble during a workout. Within minutes the entire unit started leaning to the right and felt as if the entire unit might break. I noticed the front weld in the part #1 FRAME was seperating, and because of that the frame also had a small crack. When I called the company, and spoke to both customer service for NordicTrack and the Product Resolution team for ICON, they both told me that the part #1 FRAME was NOT under warranty, and only the #2 FOLDING FRAME was considered in the lifetime warranty.

It's pretty obvious that this part breaks a lot, so they've stopped shipping out replacements. But I do have a question I am hoping to get an answer for. For anyone who has replaced the frame, how did you get the front frame apart from the folding frame? It's screw 107, 108 and they are screwed into the Frame Bushing 64. I feel like that are glued in there, and I'm nervous I'm going to strip out the bolts.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?

An addition to my review
by: snak

One very annoying design flaw is that the main post is held into the base by 4 screws that do not tighten it enough. After any moderate use, the unit will start squeaking very loudly as the post chafes back and forth.

No amount of tightening will fix the problem. I have not done it yet, but it really needs either to be welded or a few more bolts tapped into it.
Will probably drill a couple more bolts lower on the post to see if that helps.

You may not have any issues if you use the unit in very low settings.

They go 1-8 and I use 8.

Don't think they properly tested this.

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Nordic Track AudioStrider 990: Terrible Welds and Catastrophic Structural Failure

by Jeff
(North Royalton, OH, USA)

Weld Failure of Left Pedal Arm

Weld Failure of Left Pedal Arm

My Nordic Track 990 Audiostrider elliptical had a catastrophic structural failure and collapsed under me due to a faulty weld.

The left pedal arm steel box beam (which should never fail) developed a crack.

There are poor, sloppy welds all over the machine. In this case, a weld defect combined with a poor design led to a crack that propagated through the steel box beam of the pedal arm and caused a catastrophic failure.

As I indicate in the photo, a slot was cut into the pedal arm box beam to accommodate a flange. The slot was never welded shut, which resulted in an unintended inclusion (i.e., an unfilled hole) in the steel box beam that makes up the pedal arm.

Welding defects like this result in high stress concentrations around the hole, which will result in cracks and failures over time.

The pedal arms are major structural parts that should NEVER fail. They are not simple maintenance items that wear out and need to be replaced occasionally!

Failure of these parts can cause major injury if they collapse underneath someone. I was not injured, but I did fall down when the pedal arm collapsed under me.

I tried explaining this on the telephone to NordicTrack, but I got no satisfactory explanation. It baffles me how NordicTrack can view a major structural item like this as a simple maintenance item that should be replaced by the customer.

Once again, parts like these are major structural items that are required for safe operation of their product. And they should never fail!

Comments for Nordic Track AudioStrider 990: Terrible Welds and Catastrophic Structural Failure

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Same Problem with the Audiostrider 800
by: Anonymous

For me, the left failed 2 years ago, had the weld shop where I work repair and reinforce the area. Yesterday right side failed in the same spot. I cannot believe no one has been seriously hurt by this type of failure and sued the pants off of ICON. I was lucky in that I caught myself both times before hyper extending anything, but this type of catastrophic failure can easily result in permanent injury. They haven't even addressed this engineering oversight in the newer models?? Unbelievable.

Same Problem
by: disappointed

I've had mine since 2008. I weigh around 185 pounds and use this machine for about 90 minutes weekly. The right pedal arm broke in the same place on April 7, 2012. I haven't tried to contact ICON yet but plan to soon. Hope I have a positive experience.

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NordicTrack A.C.T. Elliptical Trainer - Very Disappointing Experience!

by L. Walker
(Madison, WI)

I purchased the NordicTrack A.C.T. elliptical trainer on 10/28/11. I have had to call NordicTrack 4 times to get this fixed, because Sears doesn't fix the ellipitcal and it still is not working.

This has taken over two months, as it takes two weeks just to get parts to see if it will fix each problem. Sears won't refund my money because it is over the 90 day return policy -- only by 7 days.

It has taken 90 days to figure out that it doesn't work. I have done everything correctly, called the manufacturer directly to get it fixed. So far I have had to replace the console, the motor, the lower and upper wiring harnesses.

I can't think of what else could break. I have had to take off work for the technicain to come out. The last time he was here for over 3 hours.

I spoke to NordicTrack and they said they have no way to interface with Sears, their retailer, as Sears said that I should have NordicTrack call them and explain about the repair problems.

Sears said they would return it for a refund when I called them on 2/3 and then spoke to them today and they won't take it back unless I pay a $150.00 restocking fee. I had to speak to 6 "customer service" people, none would allow me to speak to a manager. One rep, Cordaroe, actually said that Joyce, the manager, does not talk to customers!

It is completely unreasonable for me to pay to return this machine, since I have tried to get the NordicTrack A.C.T. elliptical fixed and can't afford to be off work any more hours.

I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. I have an expensive exercise machine I can't use and I can't get my money back either. Very dissappointing and sad, all I wanted to do was get fit for the New Year.

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NordicTrack Customer Service

by Brad
(Tulsa, OK)

The machine works good but if you care at all about customer service, then don't buy from NordicTrack.

To make a very long story short, they sent me a treadmill instead of the 990 PRO 2012 elliptical. They put me on hold for a total of over 4 hours on the phone and after going over and over with them as to what the problem was, it took over a month to get a refund.

It almost ruined it for my girlfriend's Christmas. Was supposed to be a surprise and had I not found a machine in town, it would have all been ruined.

So, I was out an additional $1070 for over a month because of the big screw up by NordicTrack.

I'm telling you... never in my life have I experienced such painstakingly horrible customer service. Simply the worst.

Comments for NordicTrack Customer Service

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Nordic track and IFit customer service
by: Randy G.

I purchased a eleptical 12.9T for my wife and I. I just turned 60 and had emergency bipass surgery In June and wanted to continue with my physical therapy after the hospital endorsed one ends in October.

While waiting for the machine I was solicited via email and purchased the white glove in house delivery and set up for $150. When the fellows showed up to deliver they did not know anything about it. They were very polite but were not set up to put it together.

A phone call to Nordic Track assured me that they would make sure that they would resend the notification to the delivery company and copy the email to me and that I would expect a follow up phone call from the delivery people to reschedule a time and Nordic Track would call to make sure it got handled. Neither one occurred . After waiting a few days I contacted the delivery company (the guys that dropped it in my garage gave me the number), and they had never received anything from Nordic Track.

Now a call to Nordic Track customer service is no easy task. There is the typical select 1 for English select 2 for something else that does not apply then I am in the line where my call will be answered in the order it was received. 30 minutes is a short wait. Anyway Nordic Track now is going to have another outfit contact me to set the machine up. They DID call me back that same day as promised.

It was a computer generated call that scheduled the service for the following Monday 10 days after the initial delivery. Now today they called and left a message to call as there was a problem with the schedule that THEY made and it would have to be moved to the following Friday which is a full 2 weeks after the initial delivery.

After that bit of news I decided to tackle it myself and deal with a refund later. Mind you I'm not supposed to be doing anything over strenuous due to the surgery but after about 2 hours by myself I got it done and moved into place and it works great. Now Ifit is a similar story. Subscribed to it when I purchased the Nordic Track and received a sign up email to subscribe. The directions did not jive with the options on the web site and it would not let you get past the enter your password and username tab. I contacted them through their email explaining the situation and after 3 days received an email with my complaint number.

But no solution. Like, why bother to type out the whole problem with my fat fingers on this tiny keyboard? Anyway after another while on hold after navigating a sea of keypad choices a young man was able to help me. In a second he had it fixed and I asked him what he did and he said he had a internal pass ode that Allowed him to do it . When asked how was I supposed to do it from the site he said I needed the passcode.??!! I just let it go.

In summary the Nordic Track Elliptical 12.9T looks to be a very well made heavy duty quality machine. The parts all fit perfect. I think the customer service for both Nordic Track and Ifit (a subsidiary of Nordic Track) rely too much on email and computer generated options and responses. Follow up is terrible . Good old fashioned customer service with a real person, especially on such big ticket purchases, should be a priority with these companies. IMHO.

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NordicTrack ASR 700 - Needs New Monitor

by Bill Anderson
(South Range, WI USA)

Nothing but a hunk of junk. Monitor doesn't work and a new one is over $300. Want to buy a used monitor from someone who has given up on their machine?

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NordicTrack Elliptical

by Viola
(Thibodaux, La)

DO NOT BUY NORDICTRACK- I have had too many issues with my elliptical to count. For the price I would have expected it to last longer. Had a warranty for 3 years, now the console is beeping all the time and needs to be replaced - $450.00, which is absurd. I am the only person allowed on it, unplugged it when not in use, and especially, during the warranty period had to wait as long as 3 months for a technician. Now, I either have to replace the console, or buy another elliptical. I am thoroughly disgusted.

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Nordictrack Elite 1300 Elliptical

by James
(Washington State)

NordicTrack Elite 1300 frame failure

NordicTrack Elite 1300 frame failure

I'd suggest you steer clear of NordicTrack in general, and the NordicTrack Elite 1300 elliptical specifically.

I had a catastrophic failure - the frame broke - which sent me flying. Only the threat of a claim against NordicTrack for injury convinced them to honor their lifetime frame warranty, and they replaced the machine.

Now, 7 months later, a cheap plastic idler broke inside the machine. They won't fix it under warranty and insist on charging $120 for a plastic pulley.

The NordicTrack Elite 1300 wasn't a cheap machine, and is supposed to be high quality. But I simply don't understand how they can refuse to stand behind their products.

To make matters worse, it's almost impossible to get through to their customer service, and when you do, they simply read back 'policy' like a bunch of robots.

Actually was kind of funny to hear them say they stand behind their products while denying to replace a broken part after 7 months.

So stay clear of NordicTrack.

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Nordictrack 990 Elliptical

by Phil Ruutel
(Franklin, CT)

I have had my Nordictrack for 3 years. We have had to buy wheels because they cracked. Our foot pedals cracked and we duct taped them because they were too expensive to replace. Most recently the metal arm that works the rotation on the NordicTrack, cracked. We called the company. Of course it is out of warranty, but I was told that I have hardly had any problems compared to other people. Can you imagine, we have hardly had any problems compared to other people! Although they offerred a discounted price to replace these items, I feel that metal should not crack.
My opinion is that the quality is poor and they don't stand behind their products.

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Nordic Track/ICON Fitness Ellipticals -We Second Brad Juhasz's Report Plus...

by BJM
(St. Tammany County, Louisiana)

We had the exact same experience as Brad Juhasz (NordicTrack 990 AudioStrider - Learn from My Mistake) with a NordicTrack elliptical costing $1000. In addition, we had lots of problems with a series of repair men sent out to fix it. It took almost a year for it to break & about 6 months without an elliptical while parts & repairmen were gathered. Finally we talked to one of Icon's owners & he said they'd replace it. And like Mr. Juhasz, we were on our own to get rid of the broken elliptical (the axle was completely twisted!)

We received the new elliptical and it lasted a year. The warranty was as Mr. Juhasz stated. This time a metal part had a jagged crack that made the foot peddle wobble. Icon makes lots of brands. Check them out & beware!


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Nordictrack E15.0 Elliptical Problems - Wish I Had Never Bought from NordicTrack

by Shannon
(Scranton, PA)

Nordictrack has HORRIBLE customer service, horrible. We bought the NordicTrack E15.0 elliptical, the newest NordicTrack model and it came to us BROKEN. My husband put it together alone in 3 hours, only to hear a loud grinding sound coming from the front part of the machine (which we did not put together).

We were--still are--afraid to use it. We left our phone number with customer service at 9pm (we're from Pennsylvania). At MIDNIGHT we got a phone call from customer service. It woke us and our children up. For some reason, this customer service rep. had us unscrew one of the covers on the front of our new machine. The screws were set in deep and I raced down cellar to find longer screw drivers. It took my husband 14 minutes to take the one cover off, while I was holding the flashlight. This rep. had the audacity to tell us (we had speakerphone one) that it was taking us too long and he "could have made 2-3 calls in this amount of time". OH MY GOSH. I was furious. He then told us that we would need to call back in the morning. So he obviously did realize the time. My husband calmly told him that it didn't make sense to leave us with our machine open. The rep. wouldn't waver from saying that we needed to call back in the morning. My husband asked him to at least put us down for needing a technician. The rep. reluctantly agreed. It was so bizarre. Also--my husband DID quickly take off the cover as the rep was telling us he needed to go. So the rep asks us, "What is the problem"? We DON"T KNOW! Luckily we did see that the flywheel was grinding against a metal post inside the machine.

So this is a serious problem and we can't use our new machine. ...I call a rep (I can't even understand him well) the next morning at 8:30am--Usman was his name. He told me he'd look into who was calling us at that hour and get back to us. He never did. Meanwhile, we also had another cracked piece of plastic when we opened the box.

So--long story short--the long story includes 3 emails to customer service that were not responded to, 2 live chat sessions where nothing was done because "it was not their department", not even being able to reach the correct extension on one of the customer service numbers off their website, and leaving my number and finally getting a call back today--5 hours after I left my number this time.....

Anyway, we have to WAIT FOR THE TECHNICIAN TO RECEIVE THE BROKEN PIECE replacement. That can take 10 days. Once he gets that, he'll come out to take a look at our machine. He has 3-5 business days to even contact us once we made the request. I have been so mad about this whole situation. AWFUL. We also didn't get an Ifit access card and the only way to get the machine's serial number was by my husband pulling the machine up while I took a flashlight and wrote down the number. I Freaking HATE NordicTrack and wish I had never bought from them.

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More of the Same
by: Jim N.

Bought this machine in late February 2012 after reading several reviews. I used the machine exactly once. I then calibrated the machine, as instructed, and did a firmware update. Well, the firmware update crashed the computer. I called customer service and was told it would be an easy fix: "We'll send you a new thumb drive to reinstall the software." That was almost three weeks ago. I call and I'm given promises of a delivery date. Delivery date passes with no contact and no thumb drive. I call again, I get told, "we don't know when you'll get it." I now have a machine that I spent well over $1600 on, and used it once. It is now a useless 280 pound hulk. Stay away from NordicTrack. They'll bend over backward to get your money, then blow you off when they have it. NordicTrack customer service is terrible.

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NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i

by James
(Michigan )

I purchased my NordicTrack FS7i over the phone from Nordic track which I know now is actually icon fitness.

I received it on December 3, 2015 and I have been doing the Mount Rainier work out which is preloaded on the machine every other day for the past couple months.

First about me I am a 60+ Male in reasonable shape from running and was looking for something for the winter months when consistent training is hard in Michigan.I never really liked treadmills so the free strider looked like a good alternative.

I love the machine it's quiet and I find it as close as you can get to running without the impact. However the software and implementation are poor.

It started with registering my machine which took most of my morning, and waiting for a response from customer support. I sent an email to NordicTrack support on December 8, 2015 almost 2 months ago and I have sent a second email and have yet to get a reply.

A couple of the issues I have found or have questions about are why the manual recommends you unplug the machine after you use it? Why I can't email my workout to myself(was able to use this feature only once successfully).

Truthfully I wouldn't buy a toaster that you had to unplug after you used it every time so this recommendation in the manual is kind of disturbing.

Also much of the screen and memory on the console is devoted to trying to sell you a i fit membership which I have read some bad reviews about online.

So my take is this, buy the machine for the work out but forget the I fit membership and as far as I know customer support doesn't exist.

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NordicTrack E9 ZL Elliptical Review

by Roger
(West Yorkshire, Great Britain)

Bought this brand new from Fitness Superstore and paid £105 extra to have is assembled and working. Within five minutes of use an audible clunk was transmitted from the rear flywheel. Customer service from Fitness Superstore is non existent, they just pass on the problem to iconeurope and they are simply a disgrace. No tangible help, they first of all told me I was in a queue and would be dealt with in a day or so, in the meantime I was told not to use the machine but would I mind taking a video of the problem and emailing to them. The customer service advisor was blunt to the point of rudeness.
At the time of writing my machine is still not working, the only efficient thing about this purchase has been the speed in which the money left my account to pay for it.

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