Discontinued Elliptical Trainers - Old Model Reviews

Following are discontinued elliptical trainers from all of the most popular brands.  Some have been replaced with newer models, others such as Livestrong and Epic no longer exist.

There are hundreds of older model reviews here, so chances are you will find what you are looking for.  

For the latest elliptical reviews just choose a brand or a price range/type to get started.  

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Elliptical Brand

Elliptical Model

AFG 2.0 AE 
AFG 3.0 AE
AFG 3.1 AE
AFG 4.0 AE
AFG 4.1 AE
AFG 18.0 AXT
AFG 18.1 AXT

BH Fitness X3
BH Fitness X4
BH Fitness X5
Bladez Quantum
Bladez X350
Bladez X450

BodyCraft ECT-2100 Crosstrainer
BodyCraft ECT-2500 Crosstrainer

Bodyguard E230X

Body Solid Endurance E300
Body Solid Endurance E400
Body Solid Endurance E5000
Body Solid Endurance E4 Stepper
Body Solid Endurance E5HRC
Body Solid Endurance E7/E7HRC

Cybex 360A Arc Trainer
Cybex 425A Arc Trainer
Cybex 600A Arc Trainer
Cybex 610A Arc Trainer
Cybex 750A Arc Trainer

Eclipse 1100
Eclipse 2100
Eclipse 4100

* The Eclipse brand has been discontinued

Healthrider H70e 
Healthrider H90e
Healthrider H140e 
Healthrider 330
Healthrider C550e 
Healthrider 8.5 EX
Healthrider C515e

Horizon Elite E7
Horizon Elite E9

Horizon EX-76
Horizon EX-77
Horizon CE6.0
Horizon E5
Horizon E701
Horizon E901
Horizon E1201
Horizon EX-69
Horizon EX-79
Horizon EX-57
Horizon EX-58
Horizon EX-68
Horizon EX-78
Horizon AT1501 Ascent Trainer

Ironman 130E
Ironman 250E
Ironman 420E
Ironman CDT
Ironman 1811
Ironman 1815
Ironman 1840
Ironman 1850
Ironman 1860
Ironman Achiever
Ironman Harmony

Kettler CT 307
Kettler EXT7
Kettler CTR3
Kettler Elyx 3
Kettler Elyx 5
Kettler Alpine Dual Action
Kettler Mondeo
Kettler Vito XL
Kettler Syncross V2
Kettler Syncross V3
Kettler Satura EXT
Kettler Verso 309
Kettler Unix M
Kettler Unix P

Landice E8 Elliptimill Residential
Landice E9 Elliptimill Commercial

Lifecore VST-V4
Lifecore VST-V6
Lifecore VST-V8
Lifecore LC-CD400
Lifecore LC-CD450
Lifecore LC-CD500
Lifecore LC-CD600
Lifecore LC-CD700
Lifecore LC-985VG
Lifecore LC990
Lifecore LC2000

Life Fitness X8
Life Fitness CT9100RD
Life Fitness CT9500HR
Life Fitness 91Xi
Life Fitness 95xi
Life Fitness FS4
Life Fitness FS6
Life Fitness Club Series
Life Fitness X3

Life Fitness FS4

Lifespan EL1000
Lifespan EL3000i
Lifespan EX3

Livestrong LS8.0E
Livestrong LS10.0E
Livestrong LS13.0E
Livestrong LS15.0E
Livestrong E1x
Livestrong LS7.9E
Livestrong LS9.9E
Livestrong LS12.9E

* The LiveStrong brand has been discontinued

Merit 715E
Merit 725E

* The Merit brand has been discontinued

Nautilus E514
Nautilus E916
Nautilus NE 2000
Nautilus NE 3000

NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS5i
NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i
NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS9i
NordicTrack ACT Commercial
NordicTrack ACT Commercial 7
NordicTrack ACT Commercial 10
NordicTrack C 7.5
NordicTrack C 9.5
NordicTrack C 12.9

NordicTrack CX 938

NordicTrack CX 985
NordicTrack CX 1055
NordicTrack Elite Commercial
NordicTrack FreeMotion s5.6
NordicTrack SpaceSaver
NordicTrack SpaceSaver Plus
NordicTrack ASR 630
NordicTrack ASR 700
NordicTrack ASR 1000
NordicTrack Commercial 1300
NordicTrack AudioStrider 800
NordicTrack AudioStrider 990
NordicTrack E5vi
NordicTrack E 5.5
NordicTrack E 5.7
NordicTrack E 7.5
NordicTrack E 7.7
NordicTrack E 8.9
NordicTrack E 9.0
NordicTrack Elite 12.7
NordicTrack Elite 12.9
NordicTrack Elite 14.7
NordicTrack Elite 16.9
NordicTrack Elite 17.7

Pacemaster Silver XT

* The PaceMaster brand has been discontinued

Precor EFX 5.21i
Precor EFX 5.17i

Precor EFX 5.19
Precor EFX 5.23
Precor EFX 5.25
Precor EFX 5.31
Precor EFX 5.33
Precor EFX 5.35
Precor EFX 5.37
Precor EFX 544
Precor EFX 546
Precor EFX 556
Precor EFX 576i
Precor EFX 833
Precor EFX 835
Precor AMT100i

ProForm 520E 
ProForm 720E
ProForm 920E

ProForm Smart Strider 495
ProForm Smart Strider 695
ProForm Smart Strider 895

Proform 650 
Proform 675 
Proform 900
Proform Crossover
Proform Crosswalk 8.0
Proform SpaceSaver DX
Proform StrideSelect
Proform Perspective 1000
Proform 1050 STS
Proform Epic 1200 Pro
Proform FX5
ProForm 890E
Proform 20.0
Proform 320 
Proform 330 
Proform 650T SpaceSaver
Proform StrideSelect 825
Proform XP 420 Razor
Proform XP StrideClimber 600
Proform 600 ZNE
Proform ErgoStrider 3.0
Proform ZE5
ProForm 790E
Proform iSeries 785 F

Quantum Rehabilitation Stride
Quantum Q-210C

Schwinn 420
Schwinn 431
Schwinn 450
Schwinn 460
Schwinn 520
Schwinn 418
Schwinn 438
Schwinn A40
Schwinn 520

Smooth CE 2.5
Smooth CE 3.0XT
Smooth CE 3.2
Smooth CE 3.0DS
Smooth CE Plus
Smooth CE 9.0
Smooth CE 9.5
Smooth EVO Rev 400
Smooth CE
Smooth CE 3.7
Smooth CE 5.5
Smooth CE 2.0
Smooth CE 3.0DS
Smooth CE 3.2
Pulse 280

Sole E20

Sole ST300 Strider
Sole ST600 Strider 
Sole SC200 Stepper 

Spirit EL-355
Spirit EL-455
Spirit EL-1
Spirit EL-3
Spirit EL-5
Spirit EL-7
Spirit XE 150
Spirit XE 350
Spirit XE 550
Spirit ZE 50

Stamina 1772 Crosstrainer
Stamina 1773 Crosstrainer
Stamina Air Resistance Trainer
Stamina Dual Action Elliptical
Stamina Avari GX8
Stamina 55-2065 Elliptical/Stepper

StarTrac S-TBT Total Body Trainer
StarTrac Elite
StarTrac Elliptical Edge
StarTrac Pro

ST Fitness 4810 Total Body Trainer
ST Fitness 4820 Total Body Trainer
ST Fitness 8810 Total Body Trainer
ST Fitness 8820 Total Body Trainer

TruPace E200
TruPace E220
TruPace E250

* The TruPace brand has been discontinued

Tunturi C35
Tunturi C45
Tunturi C65
Tunturi C30
Tunturi C40
Tunturi C60
Tunturi C80

Vision Fitness Logo

Vision X20
Vision X30

Weslo Momentum 220 X
Weslo Momentum 730
Weslo Momentum 750

xTerra FS5.5
xTerra FS5.7e
xTerra FS220e
xTerra FS320e

Yowza Bonita
Yowza Largo
Yowza Sanibel
Yowza Captiva Plus

* The Yowza brand has been discontinued

Discontinued Ellipticals - Summary

You may be able to find some of these obsolete ellipticals for sale on eBay or Craig's List, but just make sure they are in good working condition before you plunk down a few hundred dollars, even if it seems like a good deal.

You're probably better off with a newer model, just so you have the warranty in place and should you need replacement parts, you'll be able to find them without much of a problem.

Keep in mind that companies are always changing models, especially the bigger brands like NordicTrack and ProForm.  Buying a discontinued elliptical trainer from one of these companies is a probably a better idea than buying one from a smaller entity that may not stay in business.

If there are any ellipticals that you don't see on this list, please feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can provide some information about them.

Looking for a new elliptical? Check out the latest elliptical sales!

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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