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Discontinued Elliptical Trainers

This page lists all discontinued elliptical trainers. Please see our elliptical reviews main index for the complete list of reviews covering the newest models. ICON Health & Fitness reviews (HealthRider, Image, NordicTrack, ProForm, Reebok and Weslo) are listed here.

Use our comparison charts to compare prices, features and warranties.

Click on the model number to read the review that interests you.

For elliptical reviews covering the newest models click here.

Discontinued Brand/Models
BodyCraft ECT-2100 Crosstrainer
BodyCraft ECT-2500 Crosstrainer

Discontinued Brand/Models
Bodyguard E230X

Eclipse Ellipticals
Discontinued Brand/Models
Eclipse 1100
Eclipse 2100
Eclipse 4100

Discontinued Models
Horizon EX-76
Horizon EX-77
Horizon CE6.0
Horizon E5
Horizon E701
Horizon E901
Horizon E1201

Ironman Reviews
Discontinued Models
Ironman 130E
Ironman 250E
Ironman 420E
Ironman CDT

Discontinued Models
Livestrong LS7.9E
Livestrong LS9.9E
Livestrong LS12.9E

Nautilus Ellipticals
Discontinued Models
Nautilus NE 2000
Nautilus NE 3000


Discontinued Models
NordicTrack CX 938
NordicTrack CX 985
NordicTrack CX 1055
NordicTrack Elite Commercial
NordicTrack FreeMotion s5.6
NordicTrack SpaceSaver
NordicTrack SpaceSaver Plus
NordicTrack ASR 630
NordicTrack ASR 1000
NordicTrack Commercial 1300
NordicTrack AudioStrider 800
NordicTrack E5vi

Precor Reviews
Discontinued Models
Precor EFX 5.21i


Discontinued Models
Proform 650
Proform 675
Proform 900
Proform Crossover
Proform Crosswalk 8.0
Proform SpaceSaver DX
Proform StrideSelect
Proform Perspective 1000
Proform 1050 STS
Proform Epic 1200 Pro
Proform FX5
ProForm 890E
Proform 20.0
Proform 320
Proform 330
Proform 650T SpaceSaver
Proform StrideSelect 825
Proform XP 420 Razor
Proform XP StrideClimber 600
Proform 600 ZNE
Proform ErgoStrider 3.0
Proform ZE5
ProForm 790E
Proform iSeries 785 F


Discontinued Models
Schwinn 418
Schwinn 438

Smooth Fitness

Discontinued Models
Smooth EVO REV 400
Smooth CE 
Smooth CE 2.0
Smooth CE 2.7
Smooth CE 2.1
Smooth CE 3.0DS
Smooth CE 3.2
Smooth CE 3.7
Smooth CE Plus
Pulse 280
Smooth Agile DMT X1


Tunturi C30
Tunturi C40
Tunturi C60
Tunturi C80

Weslo Reviews

Discontinued Models
Weslo Momentum 220 X
Weslo Momentum 610
Weslo Momentum 730
Weslo Momentum 745
Weslo Momentum 750
Weslo Momentum 950

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Elliptical Trainer User Guide

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Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews

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